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  • Julio Vincent Gambuto

    Julio Vincent Gambuto

    “Giulio” (It’s Italian.) Writer/Director. Weekly: where the personal, pandemic and the political meet | juliovincent.com • Tw:@juliovincent

  • HOLO


    Holo is a distributed cloud hosting platform for peer-to-peer Holochain apps (hApps); building a better web. Powered by @Holochain

  • Joachim Stroh

    Joachim Stroh

    Engaging, collaborating, co-creating, bringing the fun back to work. Visualizing the process on the way, finding the best metaphors to seek better understanding

  • Vlad Zamfir

    Vlad Zamfir

    Absurdist, troll.

  • Open Money Initiative

    Open Money Initiative

    We believe that access to a free and open financial system is a basic human right.

  • Ian Worrall

    Ian Worrall

    Founder @ MyBit. Decentralisation needs to happen for the future of the human race. Blockchain and Crypto are just tools to help make it achievable.

  • Matan Field

    Matan Field

    CEO at DAOstack.

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